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• 2017 “Take Home a Nude”, Sotherbyy´s New York, NY2017 “MFA Thesis Exhibition,” New York Academy of Art, New York

• 2017  "EYE 2 EYE" Cuartel by Laura Skoler, New York Academy of Art

• 2016 PrintFest NY, New York

• 2016 “China Residency Show," New York Academy of Art, New York

• 2016 Gallery of The National Liberty Museum, Philadelphia

• 2016 “Emerging Dialogs”, Dayuntang Museum, Beijing, China

• 2015 Group Show “50 to watch” - three shows and publication, San Diego, California

• 2014 Solo Show “Open Down – Darkness is enough,” REV Studios, Encinitas, California

• 2014 “Sudden Impact,” Group Show at 11:11 ACC Gallery, Ventura Blvd, Los Angeles, California

• 2014 “The Dittborn Group 2013,” Group Show, D 21 Gallery, Santiago, Chile

• 2013 Printmaking Group Show, “Taller 99” Santiago, Chile

• 2012 Showed at the XVIII Pan-American Biennale of Architecture 

• 2006 Shows at the “Drawing Exhibit” at CAU, Arch and Urbanismo Center, Río de Janeiro, Brazil

• 2005 Exhibit “The Clift Neighborhood Project” at the Instituto Torquato Di Tella,Bs As, Argentina

• 2000 Realization of two Murals at the Scholar Art Festival, Santiago, Chile

• 2000 Group Show at the Sala Montá, Republic Club, Chile

• 1998 13° National Autumn Exhibition of the Fine Art National Society, Santiago Chile

• 1996 Collective Art Exhibition, Providencia Municipality, Santiago, Chile


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